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Day 3 – Milan.

Well it was a long day today.


Giorgio Armani 1st up.
But because of our tight schedule we had an appointment on a day when the showroom was still to be set up,.. so it was a bit of a shambles to start the day. The show was the day before, there were clothes all over the place and the showroom was buzzing with people dressing mannequins and merchandising the collection.


Then back to the hotel for our new favourite 'Insalata Bar'. The freshest salad bar right under our noses. A big bowl of salad, water and coffee – 15 euro. What more could you want?!


Time for Marni. It was an explosion of colour, prints and beads. Fabulous dresses and some cool accessories too!



This is the last day in Milan,.. now for TOMORROW in Paris!
Acne is 1st up and the day will end with the LANVIN show. 

– E.x

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